Additional usages

touch up makeup  Going out after work?

Going on a date or a night out with the girls after work? AmazeMitt is small and can easily fit in your makeup bag. Use it to remove your day makeup and freshen up before applying your evening look. You will feel more comfortable and confident.




gym-women-exercisingWorking out after work?

Wearing makeup in the gym can clog your pores resulting in breakouts. AmazeMitt is an essential item to pack in your gym bag. Quickly wipe off all your makeup before jumping on the treadmill and wash it later while in the shower. It will clean your skin and allow pores to work towards a fantastic complexion!



face maskPamper time

You just spent half an hour relaxing with your new moisturizing face mask on. It is now time to remove it and enjoy how silky and smooth your face feels. Your first thought is to use ice scraper but you’ve left it in the car so use AmazeMitt instead! It will take a few attempts and you will have to wash it a few times but it will remove everything. Soak it in warm water and just tap over the mask to soften a bit before wiping it off.


makeup on pillowcaseBed time

You don’t want to have makeup all over your pillowcase in the morning! And yes pandas are cute but panda eyes made of smudged mascara mixed with eye shadow and foundation are not cute! And not good for your skin either. A third of women sleep with their makeup on at least twice a week! It doesn’t take long to remove it with AmazeMitt. While washing your hands you can soak the Mitt and wipe off all dirt that your skin collected during the day.


hot day Hot day

You have an important meeting across town and it is the hottest day of the year. By the time you get there your skin is glowing (but not in a nice way). Quickly run to the bathroom, soak your Mitt in cold water to remove foundation and then reapply a fresh layer. You will feel much better and more confident!



travellingFrequent traveller

 There is never enough space in your luggage for everything you need! Your favorite dress and shoes are a must. Makeup too, but then you also have to pack the makeup remover. AmazeMitt takes minimal space in your suitcase, you will even have space for that cute skirt you recently bought.  



face paintFace Paint

Halloween, Christmas, school party, birthday party, or just a walk down the high street – any excuse to have their face painted! Use your AmazeMitt soaked in warm water to wipe that fierce tiger face off and get your little angel back. No stinging eyes and tears from lotions and makeup removers, just the soft warm Mitt.



            What do boots and your skin have in common? Well… both
need cleaning. You’ve used your Mitt for a few months now and it is not as soft as it used to be. It is time to get a new one but do not through away your old one! AmazeMitt is made of microfiber which is famously known for its use in making cleaning products suitable for sensitive surfaces. It will make your boots and shoes shiny for many months to come.