What Is AmazeMitt?

We hide ourselves all day behind walls of BBs, CCs, foundations, eye shadows, lipsticks and other beauty enhancing substances. But at the end of the long day it is time for it all to get stripped down, to relax and to be ourselves again. This is what AmazeMitt does! This soft makeup remover Mitt soaked in warm or cold water gently massages your skin and removes the traces of your day making you forget about the stressful meeting and busy public transport. It leaves your skin feeling light, happy and beautiful. AmazeMitt is cool and refreshing in summer and warm and cosy in winter. It will accompany you on your holidays and weekends away and make you forget about those dreadful wet wipes, lotions and cotton pads.

– Does not contain any chemicals – it is the microfiber that cleanses the skin

– Suitable for all skin types (even for children to wipe off that face paint after the school party)

– Anti-allergic

– Reusable for up to one year (depending on how often used) and machine washable

– Replaces hundreds of wet wipes and cotton pads therefore protects the environment

– Gently exfoliates your skin leaving it feeling soft and polished

– Once dry AmazeMitt is completely sterile

– Perfect for cold weather as it instantly warms you up by soaking in hot water and removing all traces of your day

– Refreshing in hot weather – just soak in cold water and it will instantly cool you down and refresh your skin!

– Ideal for frequent (and not so frequent) travellers who would rather pack an extra pair of shoes then waste precious space in the suitcase on bottles of lotions and packs of wet wipes.

An absolute must have!!! SIMPLY AMAZING!

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How to use your AmazeMitt:

Moisten with warm or hot water and clean your face and neck by applying slight pressure. Do not use any face cleansers or lotions. After use, wash your AmazeMitt with hand soap and leave to dry. Machine washable. DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER. One AmazeMitt can be used for up to one year (depending on how often used).

Made of microfiber, does not contain any chemicals. Suitable for all skin types