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AmazeMitt was reviewed and loved by many beauty bloggers from Real Techniques’ Pixiwoo sisters with thousands of followers to aspiring young start up bloggers in the UK as well as across Europe. They were all sceptical at first but totally AMAZED when they tried it.

Read all reviews below. The links will direct you to all bloggers’ own websites.



Vinny was “shocked at how well it works”. To watch her YouTube review click here were the first to review AmazeMitt

Make up for all

We once again received plaudits for our AmazeMitt product:

British Beauty Blogger

“When a simple idea really works, it is such a pleasure!”

Beauty Queen UK

Her Majesty had only one question: “Is it Amazing?” Read her AmazeMitt review to find the answer…

Ana Goes Green – an eco friendly beauty and lifestyle blog

Ana is always in search of eco friendly beauty products and was well impressed by AmazeMitt

 Antonia Hetherington

was a bit sceptical before she tried AmazeMitt… read here what her opinion was afterwards…


 Chubby Cheesecake

Is it Worth it?…


Womens Pleasures and Treasures

Amazemitt was Featured in Womens pleasures and treasures blog, see full post from the well known Portuguese blogger below:

perlica84 cosmètiques

AmazeMitt received lots of praise from this Spanish beauty blogger..

Pedrinhas no Sapato

Another Portuguese blogger was surprised how good AmazeMitt worked! See step by step pictures taken during removing makeup with AmazeMitt and the end result.

Joan Arede Cotovio Makeup

A professional makeup artist from Lisbon was AmazEd!

Ser Mulher e Fantastico

Carla recommends the AmazeMitt for those who are lazy and don’t like removing makeup

Lojinha da Janina

AmazeMitt has taken over Portugal!