Our Story

Amazemitt and flowersI came across my first make up removing mitt in Serbia. My mum convinced me to get it and it was my brother who actually bought one for me. Initially I doubted that it could work; a piece of wet cloth could not possibly remove all of my makeup.

But I was wrong, it was great! I looked online to get some more for my friends in the UK but nothing similar existed. I could not believe that there was something you could not buy in England. I asked the girls at work about it and they looked at me blankly, they did not have a clue what was I talking about. So I went on a mission and after endless hours spent online and a few weeks waiting for the delivery the box finally arrived. Chatting over lunch with two guys from accounts and marketing, I decided to change the packaging – make it more feminine. My friends who tried it kept describing the mitt as simply amazing and one morning on the 72 bus to Hammersmith, I came up with the name AmazeMitt! I told the girls at work and they found it catchy but jokingly thought I should stick to their name Mittmitza ☺

I spent one evening choosing the font and designing the label then brought it to work the following day and got approval from the girls. My organza packaging arrived in the post and when I put the mitt, label and bag together – Amazemitt was born!! I was so happy and proud, thinking “This is going to be a success…” and then my thoughts got interrupted by my manager telling me off for keeping it at reception (it is against company’s policy to promote a product non related to the company – I was only admiring it privately!) so I hid it in a draw.

Since then sales have taken off but I still jump with happiness every time I see that someone has bid for it on eBay. My husband is supportive with his usual “Whatever you think is best, darling”; my mother-in-law thinks I’m crazy; my mum has doubts and thinks I should stick to my full time job and my brother keeps saying we should open a hairdressing salon. I agree with them all, I am a bit crazy and will do whatever I think is best; I’m sticking to my full time job and who knows, maybe I will open a hairdressing salon one day.

Buy Amazemitt because it is simply AMAZING!!!P1000588pencil

Sincerely yours,
Milica Grahame aka Mittmitza